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Join us for a hilarous night as Rohan 'Bizarre' Gazzard controls the stage and entertains the crowd!


Australia's funniest hypnotist is joined by comedian Adam 'Chicken' Palmer for a fun night where you will be entertained, amazed & dumbfounded by the power of the mind!


Drinks available at bar prices and bring your platter of food for the night!


**Please note that The Bizarre Gazzard Show is based purely on fun and enjoyment for the volunteers whilst fully entertaining the audience at the same time. No moral boundaries are ever compromised and no volunteer will ever be humiliated. No personal secrets are revealed and only purely WILLING VOLUNTEERS are utilised. No-one is ever targeted or enforced upon. Subjects are never asleep and are actually very aware of everything that is going on around them. The volunteers are made to be the  STARS of the night and will feel absolutely wonderful at the end of show.

Bizarre Gazzard Hypnotist Show

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