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24th November, 2023

Good Evening Beaconsfield Netball Family,

I know there has been a fair bit of chatter in the community about our future, so I thought it was time we, as a committee sent out an update.

We have been hard at work behind the scenes, working on securing our playing future in a league that will best allow us to continue playing the kind of competition we have been for over 70 years, and have this future secured in an environment that cannot be taken away from us.

We’ve had several discussions with AFLOE, SFNL as well as working with Berwick Netball Club on developing a new, stand alone league.

Our position has always been that we will support this stand alone league run by netball for netball, as long as it can give us a viable and secure competition.  While supporting this it was important that we had a plan B, in the event that it could not happen in the small time frame we were given.

There have been some really positive developments in this space over the last couple of days, and even hours, more of which we will report on next week after we’ve met with the relevant parties.

We just want to reiterate, as we’ve said all along, that we will be playing netball next year in a competition that gives us security, and more importantly control over our future.  We are making sure things like affiliations, insurances, pathways and player development are all taken care of, and our netballers will be looked after.

We look forward to seeing as many of our players as possible on the courts next week for our mini preseason, and we will have some more exciting news shortly regarding some new merchandise partnerships and options as we build the momentum towards an exciting 2024!

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we are extremely lucky to have a huge committee devoted to our club and ready to roll up the sleeves and see it continue to thrive on and off the court!

See you all soon!

Dean Ziesler

Beaconsfield Netball Club


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